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Guess What This Is


Spooky (Photo credit: gapplewagen)

Never in a million years would I have guessed this! Try and guess  what this commercial is for before it ends …     very clever advertising.
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8 comments on “Guess What This Is

  1. Waldo "Wally" Tomosky
    December 5, 2013

    Great add. Had me going and I am still not sure what to make of it. Either Dirt Devil is very smart or very stupid. Thanks for posting another thought provoking post.

  2. June
    December 5, 2013

    I have a different model Dirt Devil and I always said it could suck the paint off the wall but don’t think it could do that!! But I’m glad I live on the ground floor!!! Very clever!

    • Judy
      December 6, 2013

      We don’t have them over here but I just loved the ad I thought it was so creative. :)

  3. dorannrule
    December 5, 2013

    LOL! Hahahaha! Love it! I never would have guessed either.

  4. Charron's Chatter
    December 6, 2013

    so smart! I almost had to look away there, for a minute–not being a grinder flick gal–but then…DOH!!! I want that vacuum!!

    • Judy
      December 6, 2013

      I really liked that ad it had me going as I had no idea what was coming next. :)

  5. oldpoet56
    December 6, 2013

    I liked this, it did give me a chuckle. I press very few things but I did press this.


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