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Golf for fun

Grand Cayman Golf

Grand Cayman Golf (Photo credit: Fevi Yu)

For me, the worst part of playing golf, by far, has always been hitting the ball.
Dave Barry quotes

Well, what a day yesterday turned out to be. We went to the driving range to put in some practise for my golf. I have only had 4 lessons so need all the practise I can get. It was very social there and lots of groups talking and laughing which was nice. Next thing this old guy goes to the one next to us and yells at my better half and starts swearing at him. Apparently the problem was he didn’t think there should be any talking while HE was there. There would have been about 60 people using it besides us and they all stopped to watch this guy carry on like a lunatic.  We moved to another one to get out of his way but I was so angry that he talked to my spouse like that. The pros were there teaching, other people were helping each other etc but apparently that’s not what he thinks should be done. He said,”you don’t talk on the tee., on the golf course.” Which is correct except we weren’t on the golf course. We were at a driving range. Nearly makes you want to give up golf except that everyone else was so nice, and they were all shaking their heads and they thought it was funny. The spouse thought he must have been off his medication. I thought it was funny today too but not yesterday. It spoiled a lovely fun day for a little while.

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