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Scary, What do you know about digital tags?

Location Aware Apps are next... read on


I have never heard of them. Ok! so I am behind the times,  and no,  I am not a computer dinosaur .

I was shocked to read that there are in fact digital tags working in society now.  Apparently, all major cities have digital tags and you can see them by using smartphone apps (location aware). Who knew?

It is digital graffiti that can be used for advertising. You can also leave images or comments at sites.  According to an article I read in NewScientist by Catherine de Lange ( 19/5/2012) people will be able to add reviews to restaurants, points of interest, and even more disturbing they can leave personal information. Catherine de Lange says that, ‘It’s a development that is poised to disrupt business, challenge the law and transform how we navigate the world.’

Apps like Pinwheel, Yelp, Foursquare, Aurasma are already using the technology. What worries me is the privacy issues. Big Brother is indeed watching.

If you want to look up information on the apps that are available look at the related articles below.

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