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Thanks to all my followers

Everyone can be your friend

As a new blogger, I am overwhelmed by the support that you have all given me. When I started this blog I was sure no one would be interested in what I had to say.  Now it’s like Christmas everyday. I can’t wait to get online and read the comments and see who has liked my posts. It’s such a wonderful way to connect with people from different countries and read about their lives and interests. There are so many talented people, writers, poets, artists, photographers etc. The internet is an amazing thing isn’t it? It is like  a big pot boiling over with creativity, which we can all share via our blogging.

So thank you everyone. I appreciate your support and I love reading and looking at all your blogs. You have enriched my life.

3 comments on “Thanks to all my followers

  1. boomiebol
    May 26, 2012

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..


    • judysp
      May 27, 2012

      I really like your blog. Your writing is terrific. I am a follower now. cheers Judy


      • boomiebol
        May 27, 2012

        Thanks so much Judy, I really appreciate the kind words.


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