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Cover of "Scottish Terriers"

Cover of Scottish Terriers

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Today I was sitting at the computer trying to think of a story to write for a competition.  I have been to all my favorite blogs trying to find some inspiration. You have no idea how many cups of tea I have had, or how many times I have checked for new mail on the internet. Yikes!! nothing is happening. So for some reason I started thinking about an old pal of mine called Jock . We have always been a family of animal lovers but dogs in particular. Though I have had at various stages a joey ( which is a baby kangaroo) that Dad saved after it’s mother was hit by a car and died. A couple of frilly lizards, various cats and birds and lots of aquarium fish. I also used to feed a wild possum every night. He used to eat fruit out of my hand and was very gentle.  Anyhow back to Jock.

Mum and Dad had a black Scottish Terrier when I was really little. His name was Jock (very original). One day my mother was in the laundry and made up a bucket of starch ( no spray cans in those days) and Jock , being thirsty thought he would drink some of it. He starched all his whiskers into very sharp needles, which hurt when he brushed up against you. He got most offended when no one wanted to cuddle him.

Dad also told me a story about a little field mouse that got caught under Jock’s long stomach hair. Jock was a good mouser, and he could smell the mouse, but it was hidden under Jock’s long stomach hair. So he kept backing up ,  but the little mouse kept backing up too, and the mouse finally got away.(smart mouse) So poor Jock nearly went mad as he could smell the mouse but couldn’t find him no matter what he did.

I have tried to find a photo of Jock among Mum and Dad’s photos, but without success. Mum and Dad always used to talk about him but I don’t remember him at all ,only the stories they told me, which is sad. Apparently at my Christening, a stray dog came into the church, and I kept yelling out at the top of my lungs,Jock there’s Jock, much to my parents embarrassment. In those days I thought all dogs were called Jock.

Mum used to put me outside in my pram, on the verandah. Jock would stay there the entire time , and Mum said no one would have been game to touch me. I would love to get another wonderful dog like Jock. He was loyal and brave and very funny.

I have two dogs at the moment, Clarke  is a Poodle crossed with an Australian Cattle Dog,  and Harry, is a West White Highland Terrier,  and there is no way the spouse would let me get another one. Sigh!

Ok, I am out of Jock stories so back to thinking about my story.  Talk to you all later.

By the way, if any of you are interested in Scottish Terriers there is a great blog that is a favorite of mine http://modernscottiedog.com/ so you can check them out.

3 comments on “Thoughts on writing

  1. boomiebol
    June 1, 2012

    I have nominated you for Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandment Award…Please check out the details on how to receive this award if you choose to on my blog- http://www.boomiebol.wordpress.com. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Boomie Bol


  2. yellowlancer
    June 1, 2012

    I’ve got a feeling Jock will feature in your story, if not the star, at least a cameo sitting and watching 🙂


    • judysp
      June 1, 2012

      Thanks Sandra I have a feeling Jock will make his appearance somewhere too.
      Thanks Judy


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