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Tsko the Bunyip

1 painting of a bunyip : watercolour, b&w ; im...

1 painting of a bunyip : watercolour, b&w ; image 15.4 x 28 cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An escaped convict was the first recorded white man to believe he had seen a bunyip. For those of you who aren’t born in Australia, the bunyip is thought to be a fierce, magical creature. About the size of a rather large dog. It has been said  that bunyips eat children who misbehave, or get lost in the bush.  Experienced Bushmen used to tell tales of how they were frightened by the bunyip, who roared like a lion and had fearsome teeth, and only one eye. Now it is a well-known fact that mythical creatures need believers, without them they just die out, removed for ever from the consciousness of the world.

 Tsko is  a very lonely bunyip. His life in the bush is hard. For years he has not be able to find a mate.  Even though he is very handsome by bunyip standards. His cyclops eye is a fearsome black, and his coat is grey with a white dot on his head above his eye, and his black tail is long and bushy.

He’s also very hungry. Not many children seem to get lost in the bush today. They all seem to be carried around in those metal things that make large growling noises. Tsko has made do with small rodents and marsupials. Actually, to be honest he’s never eaten a child or even scared a bushman.Tsko is quite timid  for a bunyip, unlike his fearsome reputation. He sneaks out of his den at night to feed and look for other bunyips. During the day there is too much activity around so he stays in his den, thinking of better times when bunyips were plentiful and people feared them.

Daytime is dangerous, there are men with those long metal things that go BOOM! He has seen so many kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, emus and parrots fall down and die when the men point their metal things at them. He fears he is the last of his kind. No one believes anymore.There is no time now for legends, supernatural or magical beings, or myths. There is no one left to fear the bunyip. Parents laugh, and children are told it is just an old wives’ tale. When the black men lived here they respected the bunyip. They kept the legends alive with their stories and their rock paintings. The white men don’t respect the nature and the lore of the bush around them. Everything is reality this or reality that. Hustle, Bustle.

When the white men first came to Australia they used to talk of the bunyip, and spread horrific tales of his cunning and his speed. His fearsome nature and his ability to disappear. Now no one remembers the bunyip. One day perhaps, the legends will be revived and Tsko will find a mate, until then he is doomed to spend a lonesome life.


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