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Book Review :Bring Up The Bodies

Cover of "Wolf Hall"

Cover of Wolf Hall



If you like English History especially around the time of Henry VIII you will love , Bring Up The Bodies. It is the sequel to Hilary Mantel‘s Booker Prize Winner,Wolf Hall. Both stories are about Oliver Cromwell and Henry Tudorand told from Cromwell’s perspective. It details Cromwell’s rise to power and the ever-present danger from a King who is at best psychotic. To survive in Henry’s court was no mean feat. The King expects to get his own way, and he doesn’t care who he hurts to get it. Cromwell is the facilitator. He has learned to read Henry’s moods like a book. Indeed he calls the King’s changes of moods, ‘The book of Henry’.There is a third book to be written about Cromwell’s elevation and his downfall. Throughout the novel you see Cromwell not solely as the ruthless, pragmatic person so often portrayed by other writers, but as a warm, family man, and a good and loyal friend. However, woe betide you if you are his enemy. It seems he has a long memory and the power to dispense his own type of justice. I can recommend both books and I am anxiously awaiting the third book in the series. Happy Reading!

Henry VIII, King of England, 1530s

Henry VIII, King of England, 1530s (Photo credit: lisby1)

Oliver Cromwell


5 comments on “Book Review :Bring Up The Bodies

  1. novareylin
    June 6, 2012

    Ohhh! That sounds so exciting! I love reading stuff about Henry VIII and have always been curious about Cromwell. Thank you so much for this, definitely on my to read list now. 😀


  2. Sharmishtha
    June 6, 2012

    i was never one who read non-fictions.


  3. thesubterraneanworld
    June 7, 2012

    Hey ya,
    I have nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”
    For further details, follow the link,




    • judysp
      June 8, 2012

      Hi Naima thank you so much again for all your help. Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks Judy


      • thesubterraneanworld
        June 8, 2012

        You are very well-deserved Judy, your blog was the first one I encountered when I stepped in the blogosphere and I owe you more than just an award! Your blog is and will always be my inspiration!!


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