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A Cat’s Meow


Meow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps I should have called my blog  A Cat’s Meow instead of A Daily Thought which is boring, or maybe A Dog’s Bark (No! that doesn’t have a catchy ring to it at all does it?) I have been watching the sleek, black cat next door sunning itself on the roof. Today is glorious after all the rain and the wind we have had the last week. It is so nice to see blue sky and sunshine again. We are in the first month of winter and it is still hot during the day. It makes me feel like I should be outside instead of hunched over a computer. By now you all know that I am addicted to blogging, and to my computer. So much to do and so little time sigh!

Anyhow I digress, back to the black cat. I was watching a television programme the other night about a cat’s purr. Did you know there were two different types of purr? Here is the link if you are interested in reading more about it.   http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3519623.htm

Now we all know that cats think they are God‘s gift to the Universe and this proves it. Sorry, I didn’t mean it proves they are God’s Gift just that they think that. Sometimes it is so hard to get your meaning across isn’t it? The presenter of the programme says, ” that inside the second purr is a secret signal so powerful it can bend a human to its will. ”

Catalyst is a science based programme for people like me who wonder about lots of things but don’t have specialist knowledge.

I was thinking about my Dad who always said that he thought cats came from another hotter planet.  Mind you, he also had a theory about those wire coathangers that seem to multiply in everyone’s wardrobe. He thought they were aliens too.

Anyhow that is me for today I am off to search for cats and wire coat hangers in case  I am harboring any aliens. Ta Ta for now. 🙂


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  1. boomiebol
    June 15, 2012



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