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Book Review: Clean Cut by Lynda La Plante

Clean Cut by Lynda La Plante

I like the fact that the same characters appear in this book that have appeared in previous books, Above Suspicion and The Red Dahlia‘ . In this way you can see the characters grow and evolve. It makes you feel as if you know them and that draws you into the story.  As usual the story is more about police procedure and how they catch the criminals. Unlike Agatha Christie books where police procedure is secondary to the main character finding out who the murderer is. It’s fascinating to see how La Plante gathers all the information and weaves it all together. La Plante says in her book that all her writing is based on true crime which she researches thoroughly before she begins to write. La Plante says that the most important element in writing a crime novel is not just to get the facts, but also to maintain a realistic time frame. While her stories/villains  tend  to be more on the gruesome side they certainly keep you interested. This book is  involved and has many characters. who keep the detectives on their toes. There are drugs, illegal immigrants, voodoo, murder, prostitution, and she gives the government a going over as well.The private lives of Travis and Langton once again have their ups and downs, and these add tension to the story. There are 8 books in this series , Deadly Intent, Silent Scream, Blind Fury,Bloodline and Backlash which is the latest book,  if you are interested in reading the entire series.


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