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Book Review -The Golden Lily

The Golden Lily

The Golden Lily (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richelle Mead‘s latest book in the Bloodlines series, The Golden Lily

Once again the main character is Sydney  Sage the Alchemist, who is the mediator between vampires and humans. In this book she is trying to protect the vampires in her care from Vampire Hunters, Strigoi and other vampires who would like to overthrow the Queen. The group are sent to a very upmarket boarding school in Palm Springs, California to protect Jill, the Queen’s Cousin. There is plenty of conflict, intrigue, and romance to keep the pages turning. It’s an easy read and if you have been following all her Vampire Academy books you will know the characters well. Sydney’s character is evolving more with each new book, and I am sure we will see a lot more of her and her developing magical talents, and her  burgeoning disillusionment with the Alchemists and their beliefs. I am looking forward to the next book.  The first book in this series was called Bloodlines , it sets up the situations for this book.



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