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Beachy Friday

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am sitting here listening to the waves pound on the shore. It’s quite hypnotic really, I love the sound and the power of it. The sun is shining but it’s cool with a southerly breeze. Luckily, I am dressed for the cool and I have a steaming cup of tea beside my computer to keep me warm. There are quite a few people on the beach fishing for tailor, The Spouse, among them. Our local pod of  20 dolphins are out there patrolling their stretch of coastline, and fishing as well. I suspect they are catching a lot more than their human counterparts. Yesterday I was sitting on the beach watching them and they would surf in on the waves, and it looked so cute to see all these little faces coming towards you in the waves. I could watch them all day long as they do such amazing jumps and head stands etc. They slice through the water like knives through butter, so sleek and so powerful. We have seen a few whales breaching on the horizon, but yesterday was too overcast to see them. I am hoping today will be better. I love the water it is always so interesting. The colour of the sea changes all the time, as well as its moods. There are hundreds of seabirds out there fishing too, so I wonder how these poor tailor ever survive. No wonder The Spouse is having a hard time trying to catch any. There is a sea eagles nest on a pole near us and the baby has hatched. I love watching the parents fly in with food, mostly fish, but yesterday it looked like a rat or a mouse. You can hear the baby squeaking in excitement as they approach. I tried to get a photo but my little camera doesn’t have a telephoto lens so I can’t get close enough to make them out properly. The nest looks quite messy but I think it is sturdy. I check on them every day to make sure they are ok.

Sea Eagles Nest




One comment on “Beachy Friday

  1. dorannrule
    July 21, 2012

    Oh, how I wish I were there with you! I love the sea. And sometimes the urge (need) to be there is almost overwhelming. I love our mountain haven too, but your post has transported me back home.


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