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Book Review: A Hunger So Wild

Hunger So Wild Sylvia Day

A Hunger So Wild by Sylvia Day is the sequel to A Touch Of Crimson. The same characters appear in this book, however it is told more from the vampires and the lycans side than the angels. As I mentioned in my previous book review of A Touch of Crimson this is a trilogy, and the third book isn’t due out until February 2013.  Elijah Reynolds is the head of the lycans (the Alpha Male) and they break away from the control of the angels. He becomes involved with Vashti the vampire who is second -in -charge of the Vampire community. They were mortal enemies but now the alliances have changed. Vashti is powerful and beautiful, and together they are a force to be reckoned with. Day writes her characters well. They are strong, edgy, and therefore interesting. There is plenty of action, sex,romance, loss,intrigue, and one liners to keep readers turning the pages.Adrian and Lindsay also make an appearance but they play a supporting role in this book. Enjoy 🙂


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