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World War II Golf

Aint Golf Grand?

You have to hand it to the Brits when it comes to golf. And you thought you were a tough weather golfer. This notice posted in war-torn Britain in 1940 for golfers with stiff upper lips. You have to admit — these guys really had guts! German aircraft from Norway would fly on missions to northern England because of the icy weather conditions, the barrels of their guns had a small dab of wax to protectthem. As they crossed the coast, they would clear their guns by firing a few rounds at the golf courses. Golfers were urged to take cover.

No wonder Hilter couldn’t defeat the British.


12 comments on “World War II Golf

  1. Ian Hardie
    July 31, 2012

    A bit rough getting a penalty shot when your shot is affected by the explosion of a bomb! Sure makes a double bogey seem less important.

    • judysp
      July 31, 2012

      Yeah you have to be tough don’t you? 🙂

  2. russtowne
    July 31, 2012

    Thank you for the fun and interesting post, Judy. I learned a couple of new things from it.

    • judysp
      August 1, 2012

      Hi Russ, so glad you liked that one. They breed them tough don’t they or they use to anyway. 🙂

  3. altheamann
    July 31, 2012

    All for the love of golf, eh? Now who dare says golf is just an easy game?

    • judysp
      August 1, 2012

      Not me! I have been trying to learn and it’s really hard. The spouse is a good golfer so he doesn’t understand why I can’t pick it up easily. I do enjoy it though. Maybe one day I will be allowed to go out on an actual golf course 🙂

  4. yellowlancer
    July 31, 2012

    Love it! I’ll have to show my golfing Dad this one. We often joke about golfers going out in any weather but this is real dedication 🙂

    • judysp
      August 1, 2012

      Yes the spouse is a great golfer and he will go out in all sorts of weather. Personally I think they are mad but different courses for different horses. 🙂

  5. dorannrule
    August 1, 2012

    Another fun and fascinating post from you Judy! Hardly a post goes by that I don’t wish to reblog or email to someone. Amazing. 🙂

    • judysp
      August 1, 2012

      Thank you for your lovely comment. You make my blog fun to do. I told the spouse about your lady and the horse and he thought it was great. He got a good laugh out of that one. 🙂

  6. lutheranladies
    August 1, 2012

    This is so funny. No wonder i can’t do golf. I thought it was because I didn’t have the patience. Obviously it’s because I don’t have the guts. I’m sending a link for this to my golf friends. Thanks.

    • judysp
      August 1, 2012

      I am so glad you liked this post. I can’t do golf either. I am having lessons but not much happening. Maybe the bombs and shrapnel would be an incentive 🙂 My spouse is a good golfer and has been doing it since he was a young kid and he can’t understand why I can’t pick it up quickly.

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