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Book Review: Interesting Times


Interesting Times

Interesting Times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Terry Pratchett once again comes up with the goods in, ‘Interesting Times’. The old adage or Chinese Curse if you prefer, May you live in interesting times, cops a beating in this book. The Great Wizzard, Rincewind, is once again the unlikely hero. Cohen the Barbarian and the Silver Horde also make a welcome reappearance in their bid to save the Counterweight Continent. There is carnage, looting, pillaging, magic, women,  devilish plots and counter plots, humor, irony, and of course utter chaos. Poor Rincewind is living his boring life on the deserted island when world events overtake him. Much against his will he is drawn into the battle. The faithful luggage also make an appearance with some surprising results. Can I say one again I LOVE TERRY PRATCHETT’S writing.




2 comments on “Book Review: Interesting Times

  1. lutheranladies
    August 2, 2012

    Okay, now don’t woof at me…but I’ve not read Terry Pratchett, but I’m willing to give it a try. I’m anxiously awaiting the last book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series.


    • judysp
      August 3, 2012

      If you like reading stories where everyday things are poked fun at in a gentle way then you will like Terry Pratchett I have 38 of his books and I am working my way through them all. He is so funny and some of his characters are just so loveable. They are quirky and irreverent but nice. I have watched two telemovies by him 1) Hogwatch and 2) Going Postal. Apparently they are making more but I haven’t seen them advertised yet. No woofing just tail wagging 🙂


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