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A Nice Thought

Isn’t this so true? While some people have the odds stacked against them, they still seem to rise to the top in spite of it. While others who have had the best of everything sink to the bottom. For example we hear all the time about movie stars, musicians, sporting stars, CEO’s of big companies, and many other wealthy people, who have squandered their careers, and their family and friends, for greed, drugs, or alcohol, or all of the above. Then you hear amazing stories about people who have struggled all their lives and have become great scientists, humanitarians, artists, writers, musicians, teachers, and role models. We truly are what we believe we can be. The human mind is a wonderful thing, but if we allow all the doubts, insecurities, and self-defeating talk inside our heads take over, it stops us from achieving what we are really capable of in the world. We all suffer from it don’t we? Putting pen to paper, or brush to canvas, starting a new business or career, telling someone we love them. It’s hard to put yourself out there. To be vulnerable. It can take a long time to be the person you want to be, and some people give up. As one of my lovely bloggers said, “We are all a work in progress.” Sometimes we have to learn to forgive ourselves and move on. None of us are perfect, and none of us ever will be, but we all have a chance to improve our lives if we want to that. Why is it we are usually more forgiving of others than ourselves? We seem to be our own worst critic’s, and while that can lead to improving whatever it is we want to do. Other times it can hold us back.

Hmmm! I just read this back and it sounds like a sermon, which I didn’t mean it to be. I was just pondering.

So here endeth the lesson . Only kidding! 🙂


8 comments on “A Nice Thought

  1. boomiebol
    August 14, 2012

    Not at all a sermon. A great post and I connected to this one, thanks for sharing

    • judysp
      August 14, 2012

      Thanks I was a bit worried people would take it the wrong way 🙂

  2. nishanil
    August 14, 2012

    The truth is that you are the way you are at the moment, and thinking poorly of yourself just limits what you can do. One feels badly about one’s self, because we think poorly of oueselves. We sabotage our own progress because we think we aren’t capable.

  3. Andrea Kelly
    August 15, 2012

    That IS a nice thought! Great post, thank you for the reminder 🙂 It’s so true that situations can be changed completely by a change in the way you perceive them. There is no way to avoid negative experiences in life, but you can choose not to let them define you!

    • judysp
      August 15, 2012

      I agree with you, well said. Sometimes it’s hard for people to do though. 🙂

      • Andrea Kelly
        August 16, 2012

        It really is, I’m still working on it myself!

      • judysp
        August 16, 2012

        ditto 🙂

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