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On Monday I went to the doctor to get the results of various tests and I have now been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Apparently I have 4 compression fractures in my lower back. (Not Happy)

The risk factors for Osteoporosis for those of you who don’t know much about it (like me for instance) are :

Being Female , Drinking Alcohol, Smoking, Bad Diet, Lack of Exercise, Early Menopause, Family History, Certain Medications, Lack of Calcium,

and Not Enough  Exposure to Sunlight.

I walk every day, eat a good diet, go to Pilates and Yoga, I am learning to play Golf, I don’t smoke or drink, and living in Australia I get plenty of sunshine. I am not on any medications, until now that is. Now I have to drink this yukky chalky stuff every night before I go to bed for the rest of my life.

To say I am annoyed is putting it mildly. I never thought that Osteoporosis would be something I had to worry about for all the above reasons.

Women are more prone than men to Osteoporosis. So ladies next time you go to the doctor ask him/her to send you for a Bone Density Scan. It could save you from some nasty accidents.

I copied this from the Osteoporosis Australia Website :

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become fragile and brittle, leading to a higher risk of fractures (breaks or cracks) than in normal bone.
Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose minerals, such as calcium, more quickly than the body can replace them, leading to a loss of bone thickness (bone mass or density). As a result, bones become thinner and less dense, so that even a minor bump or accident can cause serious fractures. These are known as fragility or minimal trauma fractures.
Any bone can be affected by osteoporosis, but the most common sites are bones in the hip, spine, wrist, ribs, pelvis and upper arm. Osteoporosis usually has no signs or symptoms until a fracture happens – this is why osteoporosis is often called the ‘silent disease’.

Fractures due to osteoporosis (osteoporotic fractures) can lead to changes in posture (eg developing a stoop or Dowager’s hump in your back), muscle weakness, loss of height and bone deformity of the spine. Fractures can lead to chronic pain, disability, loss of independence and  premature death
Every 5-6 minutes, someone is admitted to an Australian hospital with an osteoporotic fracture. This is expected to rise to every 3 – 4 minutes by the year 2021, as the population ages and the number of osteoporotic fractures increase



9 comments on “Osteoporosis

  1. Patty
    August 29, 2012

    Found this very informative Judy and it is a must read for everyone. Sorry this has happened to you.


  2. Andrea Kelly
    August 29, 2012

    I’m sorry this has happened to you! Thanks for the great info.


  3. boomiebol
    August 29, 2012

    So sorry.


  4. Carla Saunders
    August 29, 2012

    blog about it. I did and you get good feedback. Keep up the Pilates. That is one reason I have been doing Pilates – keep strong.


  5. JanBeek
    August 30, 2012

    I wish there was a dislike button! I dislike immensely this sad news that you have to deal with this – but, I clicked “like” because I like the way you are dealing with it. Knowledge is power – and sharing that knowledge is your gift to the rest of us. Thank you so much!


  6. diannegray
    August 30, 2012

    Amazing – you’re doing everything right and this happens – so sorry 😦


    • Judy
      August 30, 2012

      Yeah I was a bit grumpy yesterday. I realize there are millions of people in the world worse off than me. I am lucky to be diagnosed and able to do something about it. Thanks so much for the cooment Dianne.
      cheers Judy 🙂


    • Judy
      August 30, 2012

      Yeah I was a bit grumpy yesterday. I realize there are millions of people worse off than me. I look on the bright side that I was diagnosed before anything really bad happened and now I am on medication to help the disease. I just hope the women that read my blog do check with their doctors. Thank you so much for your support I really do appreciate it very much. cheers Judy 🙂


  7. yellowlancer
    August 31, 2012

    Sorry to hear it, Judy. I guess some people are more prone to some things even when they do all the right things! I was amazed a few years back to discover that a very overweight friend who had a poor, fatty diet and very little exercise had low cholesterol while my Mum who walked every day, watched what she ate and was slim has to take cholesterol tablets.


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