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Help For The Disabled

Cebus apella group. Capuchin Monkeys Sharing

Cebus apella group. Capuchin Monkeys Sharing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think what these people are doing to help the disabled is wonderful. However, I do worry about the care of the Capuchin Monkey. Is it right for a wild animal to be kept for 25 years in an artificial environment? Who looks after the monkey? Obviously the disabled person can’t bathe it, or look after its needs fi it becomes sick or hurt. I have read that they take out the monkey’s front teeth so they can’t bite their owners. These monkeys live in groups of 6 to 60 so how do they feel being isolated from their families? Can you imagine a human child being taken from its family to look after some other animal, and never seeing another human again? I think we take animals for granted. They have feelings just like us. They are intelligent, and they feel love,hate, jealousy, and they think and plan. I don’t believe they are here on this earth to serve us. We just share the planet with them.

I guess you could make the same argument for dogs,cats, birds etc. So perhaps  I am being hypocritical here, as I would hate to be without my dogs.


Yahoo!7 Video Detail for Helping Hands: Matching Capuchins with Those in Need.


One comment on “Help For The Disabled

  1. dorannrule
    September 14, 2012

    I so agree with you on how animals have feelings just as we do. This is a lovely video but somehow I feel sad for the monkey at the same time I feel happy for the gentleman-monkey match.


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