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Book Review: Darkest PowersTrilogy

I have just finished reading Kelly Armstrong‘s Darkest Powers Trilogy.  The first book is called, The Summoning, then there is, The Awakening, and then, The Reckoning. It is about a group of teenagers who are Supernaturals but don’t know it. They are sent to  a group home where the doctors of the Edison Group try to convince them that they are suffering from various mental disorders. Like all of Armstrong’s paranormal books there  is plenty of action, and she keeps you interested  throughout. Though the time frame is quite short , a few weeks there is so much packed into it that it seems longer. I can’t see this series ending with three books though. There is too much unfinished business. These books tie in with her some of her other supernatural books, and reference some of the same characters. The main character is Chloe who is a fifteen year old student who would like to become a screenwriter/film director. She is diagnosed with schizophrenia, and sent to Lyle House  where she discovers she is also a necromancer. Some of the story is told as if it’s a movie script, as Chloe describes events in her own unique way. I actually enjoyed this as it was quite a different and appealing way of telling the story. Chloe meets up with some unusual characters at Lyle House. Simon who is a sorcerer, and his adopted brother Derek who is a werewolf. Tori  who is a jealous, spiteful girl and also a  witch, and her friend Liz who is a  poltergeist etc .  Chloe’s mother died and left her a pendant, which protects her from ghosts. Originally the pendant is red, but it changes colour throughout the books. By the end of the trilogy this still hasn’t been explained, so I am hoping there will be another book to tie up the loose ends.Is the change of colour significant? Does it mean a change in  Chloe’s powers? Who will Chloe end up with? Will she be reunited with her father? Will the Cabal and the Edison Group come to terms with these teenagers?


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