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Industrial Magic (novel)

Industrial Magic (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

INDUSTRIAL MAGIC by Kelley Armstrong is another in the Underworld Series. It is the sequel to DIME STORE MAGIC. Someone is killing innocent teenagers. They are the offspring of Cabal members, so should be protected. The Cabal’s are like a supernatural Mafia. Paige Winterbourne (witch) and Lucas Cortez(a sorcerer and a lawyer) are hired to find the killer. This means that Lucas, who is the unwilling heir to the powerful Cortez Cabal, must work with his estranged father in the investigation.Paige and Lucas are worried that their ward, Savannah, might be a target. They call in their friends Elena, Clayton, and Jeremy, the leaders of the werewolf pack to help protect her. Jamie Vegas , the necromancer lends a hand to help contact the murdered victims and get clues about the murderer. While Cassandra and Aaron (vampires) also lend their expertise to help track and catch the killer.

Once again there is plenty of action and Kelley’s clever writing keeps the story moving along. I find these books hard to put down. Once I start I just want to keep reading.  I have a few more books to go in the series and I will be sad when it’s all finished, as I have gotten to know the characters, and I enjoy their exploits. I also like the humor and repartee between the characters. I guess the books could be described as a fantasy/horror/detective series. Armstrong creates plausible characters who aren’t prefect, and have the same problems as the rest of us, family conflicts, romance problems etc. Her women characters don’t take a back seat to the males, and give as good as they get. ADDICTIVE!!!


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