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Fishing Solution

English: Speedcuffs Handcuffs Handcuffed Handc...

English: Speedcuffs Handcuffs Handcuffed Handcuff Front Stack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four guys have been going on the same fishing trip for many years. This

year, Ron’s wife puts her foot down and tells him he isn’t going.

Bitterly disappointed he phones and tells the others that he can’t go.


Two days later, the other guys get to the camping site only to find Ron

sitting there with a tent already set up. “Bloody hell Ron, how did you

talk your missus into letting you go?”


“Well, yesterday evening, after my wife finished reading “Fifty Shades

Of Grey,” she dragged me into our bedroom, and on the bed she had handcuffs

and ropes! She told me to tie and handcuff her to the bed, so I did.

Then she said, “Do whatever you want.”

So, Here I am!!!


One comment on “Fishing Solution

  1. A Dog With Fleas
    October 27, 2012

    I love this!!! So funny.


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