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Book Review: The Laughing Clowns

William McInnes

William McInnes (Photo credit: Stephen Barnett)

The Laughing Clowns by William McInnes is a lovely story set in a fictional town outside of Brisbane. Loosely based on Redcliffe, a peninsula north of Brisbane on Moreton Bay. It is a story of love,redemption, family, and the ties that bind us and shape our lives. A nice gentle book that we can all relate to at some point. Small towns seem to be similar in the western world. They have their share of eccentrics,loveable characters, local and personal history,and the reasons people choose to live there.

Do you really know your parents? What was their life like before you came along? How about your brothers and sisters? What do you really know about them?

This book is an exploration of  how returning to your family can restore your inner being, and make you grateful for what you have.

William McInnes grew up in Redcliffe and obviously still loves the area. He is an actor and an author.

Even if you aren’t Australian I think you will enjoy this lovely,gentle book.

I was lucky enough to go to a Literary Lunch in Cleveland ,which the author attended. I had never read any of his books before, nor seen any of his movies or television series,  and I was very impressed with his humility, his sense of fun, and his love for his family.

I intend to read more of his books after this.

1) A Man’s Got To Have A Hobby

2) Cricket Kings

3) The Making Of Modern Australia

4) Worse Things Happen At Sea ( co – written with his wife)



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