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What a terrible thing to have happened





I am still in shock and despair over this terrible shooting.

I can’t imagine why anyone would do this to these poor innocent children and their teachers.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and their relatives involved.

To the wider community I ask why such guns should be freely available? I know in America the gun lobby is very strong, but surely there are enough people with common sense around to know that the statistics for fatal shootings like these, in America, is way higher than any other country. Surely something must change. It is too easy to pick up a gun to solve a problem if you have one available. I know the old argument that says people kill not guns, and that is true, but these people would be less likely to kill if the guns weren’t available. How often does this lesson have to be reinforced before someone is strong enough to sort it out?

In accordance with Minnesota Law, Mall of Amer...

In accordance with Minnesota Law, Mall of America Bans Guns in these premises. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


[ooyala code=”1pdnRuNzqhPMGLinjoqF3yQKmikCEtc3″]

By Michael Martinez and David Ariosto

NEWTOWN, Connecticut (CNN) — The mother of the man identified by authorities as the gunman behind an elementary school massacre liked to play parlor games in a ladylike setting with neighbors, discussing their landscaping and backyard gardens in this charming exurb some 60 miles from New York City.

Nancy Lanza was a personable neighbor who lived on a block of spacious houses on a crest overlooking gentle hills, acquaintances said.

She and her family moved to the Sandy Hook neighborhood about 1998, raising two sons with husband Peter until the couple separated a few years ago.

“It was just a nice, normal family,” neighbor Rhonda Cullen said Saturday, recalling a recurring neighborhood ladies night over the Bunco dice game.

“We used to joke with her that she’d do all this landscaping that no one could see because it all was in the…

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One comment on “What a terrible thing to have happened

  1. sharechair
    December 16, 2012

    It’s insanity.


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