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Movie Magic

Capilano University making (movie) magic

Capilano University making (movie) magic (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)


This video is just amazing with the special effects they are able to create. You can never believe anything you see in a movie. It’s also a good reason to be sceptical of anything you see online.



4 comments on “Movie Magic

  1. stephiesbeadsandbaubles.com
    January 12, 2013

    That was unbelievable, I knew they changed some things, but never realized the extent of the changes they can make, that was so interesting !!!


  2. suzywordmuser
    January 13, 2013

    Thanks for giving a link to this, very interesting! You know that this is done all the time, but it’s not until you actually see it demonstrated many times like this, that it makes you wonder – about a lot of things!
    Suzy 😀


  3. dorannrule
    January 16, 2013

    You find the most fascinating things!


    • Judy
      January 17, 2013

      Thank you! How was your Christmas and New Year?
      I haven’t been online much lately as I have taken up painting and drawing and have been really busy trying to learn. There is so much. I love it though. Not any good yet but I have only been going a month so will improve in the next couple of years I guess.
      It’s very hot here but no rain and all the gardens and the grass are in a bad way.
      talk to you soon keep well.
      Judy x


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