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Book Review: Unleashed

I receivedUnleashed by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie as a Christmas Present along with the next installment in the series called ‘Hot Blooded‘.

If you like stories about werewolves, small towns, and the anxiety of fitting in to a new place then these books will hold your interest. They are well written and interesting.  Katelyn McBride has lost her mother ( a Ballerina) in an earthquake, and her father (a prosecutor) who was murdered. Katelyn has to go to live with her grandfather,  who she hardly knows, in Wolf Springs.  It was Katelyn‘s dream to be a performer in Cirque du Soleil and she trained for years. but now that is out of the question. Her old life in Los Angeles  is over and her new life in Wolf Springs is about to begin. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and she is the new girl in town. Not long after she arrives she is bitten by a werewolf and things start to take a nasty turn. Now it’s not only her grief she has to deal with. I won’t tell you any more in case you want to read either book.

About the Author

Nancy Holder is the New York Times best-selling coauthor of the Wicked and Crusade series, both with Debbie Viguié. She has received 5 Bram Stoker Awards for her supernatural fiction, a Scribe Award for Saving Grace: Tough Love, and a Pioneer Award from Romantic Times for her young adult fiction. Her work has also appeared on the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and Wall St. Journal bestseller lists, and on recommended reads lists from the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age, the American Reading Association, and the American Library Association. She lives in San Diego with her daughter, Belle, and enough pets to fill the Ark. Visit her @nancyholder or https://www.facebook.com/holder.nancy. Debbie Viguié is the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Wicked series and two dozen other novels. Debbie also writes thrillers including The Psalm 23 Mysteries, the Witch Hunt trilogy, and the Kiss trilogy. Visit Debbie online at http://www.debbieviguie.com.

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