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Copy This One Everywhere! – Pause

Would be great if people took heed of this unfortunately for the poor animals superstition rules over common sense

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549787_560765757277773_1924127506_nStop the extermination.

From I fucking love science:

I don’t often actually ask you to share something, but this is one image I would really love to see reaching millions of people. Wildlife crime is now the most urgent threat to three of the world’s best-loved species—elephants, rhinos and tigers. The global value of illegal wildlife trade is between $7.8 and $10 billion per year. …
I AM NOT MEDICINE At least one rhino is killed every day due to the mistaken belief that rhino horn can cure diseases. The main market is now in Vietnam where there is a newly emerged belief that rhino horn cures cancer. Rhino horn is also used in other traditional Asian medicine to treat a variety of ailments including fever and various blood disorders. It is also used by wealthy Asian as a cure for hangovers.

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2 comments on “Copy This One Everywhere! – Pause

    March 8, 2013

    I shall!


  2. FeyGirl
    March 8, 2013

    Posting to Pinterest and FB! Really wonderful.


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