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Toyota Ad Scotland


LOOK! THE LOCH NESS MONSTER! (Photo credit: Extra Medium)


This appealed to my sick sense of humor. 🙂

I thought it was a very clever ad for Toyota.



This is taken from an article written by Will Cooper on Scotsman.com – Tue, 05 Feb 2013 16:20 CST

Edinburgh University‘s recent discovery of a new blood-biting super predator species could shine new light on the Loch Ness monster say Loch Ness experts.

Scientists at Edinburgh University discovered the new species last week, the ancient bones of the creature were found in a clay pit near Peterborough over 100 years ago. The new evidence suggests that the creature is distantly related to the modern day crocodile.

Adrian Shine from the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition has spent around forty years studying the Loch, and believes that the newly discovered prehistoric predator could fit in with sightings of the famed Loch Ness monster.

He said: “Of course, it does not fit the popular stereotype of the iconic long-necked plesiosaur that turned people on, but we could enter a whole new debate”.


4 comments on “Toyota Ad Scotland

  1. Patty B
    March 22, 2013



  2. russtowne
    March 22, 2013

    Thank you for sharing the fun commercial, Judy. I hadn’t seen it before and it made me chuckle.


    • Judy
      March 24, 2013

      Glad you have the same sense of humour as me Russ 🙂


  3. dorannrule
    March 22, 2013

    Appeals to my sick sense of humor too! Great minds think alike. 🙂


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