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Dutch Army Bicycling Band

250px-Macband-fietsPhoto Wikipedia

Thought you might be interested to see this video. Its a reenactment of the WW1 Dutch Army Bicycle Band . . . . . . . . yes, I had no idea there were such a thing either  but apparently it was founded in 1894. They travel around showing off at various venues but probably unlike during WW1 they are not fit enough to ride to each of them! Its actually a bit like watching synchronized swimming only this is synchronized cycling whilst playing a musical instrument! OK that’s little bizarre and while watching it I keep getting the feeling it has something Monty Python about it, and the side on view of that sergeant, well he’s a sure dead ringer of Benny Hill, it just makes it even funnier, enjoy.  http://www..flixxy.com/the-dutch-army-bicycle-band.htm


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