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 Is this a mosquito? No. It’s an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government.


It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone.


It can land on you, and it may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin.


It can fly through an open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you take it in your home.


Given their propensity to request macro-sized drones for surveillance, one is left with little doubt that police and military may look into these gadgets next.


And to think we were worried about ross river virus!



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2 comments on “Mosquito

  1. tombreyfogle
    February 4, 2014

    Reblogged this on OK, Fine. and commented:
    This is a re-blog. I read about this somewhere, too.


  2. dorannrule
    February 5, 2014



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